Kenya's Rise in Global BPO: QSolve's QFamily, a Subsidiary of ONQ, Leading with Award-Winning Service

Kenya is swiftly making its mark in the global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) scene amid globalization and technological progress.

QSolve is a subsidiary of the award-winning customer service and contact center company ONQ, which expanded into Kenya and has achieved impressive growth in just two years.

Where ONQ focused on healthcare, with QSolve, the focus now spans diverse sectors, including education, entertainment, non-profit, retail, telecommunication, government and travel.

Under QSolve’s umbrella, the QFamily offers a tailored suite of services covering administration, customer service and support for various industries within the expansive BPO landscape.

This approach empowers businesses across a wide array of sectors to leverage the outsourcing strategies that have been so successful in healthcare, allowing them to focus on core competencies while receiving seamless and efficient support in specific operational areas.

Kenya’s appeal as an outsourcing destination extends well beyond healthcare, propelled by a motivated workforce, robust economic growth and a well-established education system.

The country’s flourishing tech landscape, combined with extensive training programs, aligns seamlessly with the diverse demands of BPO services across various sectors. With a rich pool of skilled professionals and an innovation-driven culture, Kenya is strategically positioned to provide cutting-edge outsourcing solutions tailored to businesses worldwide. 

In Kenya, as in each country in which it operates, ONQ opted not to establish its offices in the country’s capital city. They looked 150 km north of Nairobi to Nyeri, a smaller town where educated youth had more limited job employment opportunities. In Kenya as in Panama and India, this strategy allowed the company to capitalize on an underemployed but well-educated workforce in a manner consistent with the company’s commitment to social responsibility.

As the BPO landscape undergoes transformative changes, Kenya has emerged as a pivotal player in the evolution, supported by unwavering government backing and a thriving customer service and contact center industry.

As a skilled workforce, Kenya offers unparalleled opportunities for businesses seeking excellence and efficiency in outsourcing tasks across different industries. The success of QSolve and its parent company ONQ in Kenya and as a testament to the country’s rapid rise as a BPO hotspot. Having onboarded 700 new agents in just two years, the QFamily companies are providing their clients with unmatched support for administration, customer service and operational tasks.

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